Welcome to the Counseling Place

Stephanie LaBarge, LCSW, CCTP-II

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over…it became a butterfly.” ~ Chuang Tzu

The process of therapy is about transformation and perseverance. Often, beliefs and behaviors that develop are about survival. We learned to do the best we could at the time with the resources we had. This is especially true for childhood experiences. Rather than what is wrong with us, mental health symptoms are often what was right about us at the time when we needed them to cope with adversity. Sometimes we find that those parts of us are still stuck in the past, believing we still need them to protect us.

My approach is informed by the Internal Family Systems model of therapy which seeks to develop relationships between internal “parts,” deepen self-compassion and understanding, promote healing, and become Self-led. I have experience with individuals from all walks of life and with diverse challenges. I am a certified clinical trauma professional and have found that trauma applies to all of us, in various ways, especially in these uncertain times. I am passionate about supporting my clients as the experts of their own lives and am humbled every day as they allow me into their sacred space to provide perspective and expertise.