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Ken Rabinowitz, MSW, LCSW, PhD

Dr. Ken has extensive experience in individual, couples, family and group therapy.

Over the years, Dr. Ken has integrated much of his clinical approach on three core programs he’s spent much of his career developing:

  • AgilityLearned™ - Learning how to develop greater agility by raising your AQ™ - the willingness and ability to survive difficult situations, satisfy the right needs, the right way at the right time, and to experience greater success by learning how to: Assess Needs, Adapt Behavior and Add Value. AgilityLearned™ focuses on six dimensions of behavior: TQ™ (ThoughtAgility), RQ™ (RelationalAgility), PQ™ (PerformanceAgility), SQ™ (StressAgility), NQ™ (NeedAgility) and CQ™ (ChangeAgility).
  • MindOver™ - Developing the psychological skills and strategies to better manage stress, change, conflict and problems. As a survivor of a terminal and untreatable cancer (15 years and cancer free!), Dr. Ken developed MindOver™ Cancer. He then adapted MindOver™ skills and strategies to other life challenges such as: MindOver™ Depression, Anxiety, Compulsion, Insecurity, Isolation, Cognitive Decline, Disease and Failure. MindOver™ consists of a variety of skills and strategies such as RealityThinking, AgilityLearned™, MindOver™, Meditation, MindFulness, Hypnosis, BioFeedback, BrainWave therapy and Neural Plasticity.
  • DEBSI Patterning™ - Dr. Ken developed a personality and behavioral system referred to as the DEBSI Factor™. He has developed three highly popular instruments and tests (The Work Style Inventory™, The Adaptive Index™ and The DEBSI Factor™) with over 400,000 users. Dr. Ken has personally trained (small and large groups) and coached over 150, 000 people to expand their behavioral effectiveness and agility by developing their DEBSI Patterning skills.

Dr Ken has a varied career as a Counselor and Therapist in private practice (over 30 years), Senior Therapist at Hillside Children’s Center, as a psychotherapist at Waterbury State, Gennesee, Northside and Strong Hospitals, full time professor at Brockport SUNY (psychology department) and adjunct professor at St. John Fisher University, RIT and Nazareth College. Dr Ken founded and led the Professional Development Group Inc (a highly successful international consulting firm specializing in Organizational Development, Training and Coaching(1973 - 2013), a Senior Vice President at a fortune one hundred company and as a popular speaker with hundreds of presentations throughout the U.S, Canada, Mexico and Europe. One of Dr. Kens favorite experiences was as a popular radio Talk Show Host (“Dr. Ken” and “The Doctor Is In”) in the 90s.

Dr. Ken Rabinowitz